Çelik piyasası sabah kağıdı

Çelik piyasası sabah kağıdı

Çelik piyasası sabah kağıdı

steel market hot news

BaoSteel “yüksek güç + hafif” forma otomatik çelik “aile markası”

BaoSteel, Çin'in Baowu grubunun bir yan kuruluşu, Dünyada ilk çelik şirketi haline gelmiştir sunduklarını, ikinci ve üçüncü nesil ultra yüksek mukavemetli çelik ürünler. 1000 mpa for automotive lightweight high strength steel product series, has formed a “aile markası”, and the official release to the community.

Rio tinto and xugong group to strengthen cooperation

Son günlerde, Rio tinto group awarded the letter of acceptance to xuzhou construction machinery group (hereinafter referred to as xugong), further consolidating the partnership between the two sides.Xugong will supply auxiliary heavy mining equipment to Rio tinto’s iron ore operations in Australia’s pilbara region

BHP billiton South Flank project engineering construction completed 50%

Australian mining giant BHP billiton (BHP) are developing new projects in western Australia SouthFlank, half the project has been completed.The $3.6 milyar (25.5 milyar yuan) project, located in the pilbara region of western Australia, is expected to begin production in 2021.

Black futures night

Rebar futures

The last contract of rebar futures 2001 open 13 yuan/ton with 3310 low, the night low operation, the lowest 3290 yuan / ton, the highest 3319 yuan / ton, close 3299 yuan / ton, compared to the previous trading day settlement price down 24 yuan / ton, down 0.72%.Zeng cang nearly 60,000 hands.

Hot rolled coil futures

Hot rolled coil futures 2001 open 1 yuan/ton at 3320 low, the night plate wide shock, the lowest 3314 yuan / ton, the highest 3330 yuan / ton, 3324 yuan/ton closed, 3 yuan/ton higher than the previous settlement price.Or 0.09%.

Iron ore futures

Iron ore futures 2001 contract night open at 622.5 yuan/ton high 0.5 yuan / ton, night shock down, the lowest 616.5 yuan / ton, the highest 624.0 yuan / ton, closed at 619.0 yuan / ton, 3.0 yuan/ton from the previous settlement price, aşağı 0.48%.

Coke futures

Coke futures 2001 contract yesterday night at 1773.0 yuan/ton high open 9.5 yuan / ton, the night table shock weakened, the lowest 1762.5 yuan / ton, the highest 1781.5 yuan / ton, closed 1768.0 yuan, compared with the previous trading day settlement price up 4.5 yuan / ton, yukarı 0.26%.

The dollar index

On Oct. 23, the dollar index opened at 97.534, aşağı 0.05% from the day’s high of 97.653 to the low of 97.414 NS 97.477.


London futures luntong 3 contract, which opened at $5,815.0 yesterday, closed up $52.5, veya 0.90 per cent, NS $5,878.0.

Global hot news

The international news

copyright trade agreements between China and One Belt And One Road-related countries increased by 86.5% in the past three years

talks between the foreign investment department of NDRC and the British embassy in China on third-party market cooperation

the IMF lowered its growth forecast for the asia-pacific region and called for structural reform

Domestic news

China will introduce more than 10 new measures to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment

nine departments strictly regulate the license administration of financing guarantee business

steady foreign trade and steady foreign investment will continue to increase, and policy effects are expected to continue to be released

a new round of steady growth signals released the combined efforts ofwidening fiscal policy and stabilizing monetary policyto continue to work

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: the new development plan for the new energy vehicle industry will be formulated by the end of the year at the soonest

next year, 80 percent of China’s major coastal ports will have access to special railway lines

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences report: housing market prices stabilized before the end of the year, declining or accelerating in a small number of cities

Several cities in shandong have issued environmental protection emergency responses

Steel data focus

— [crude steel production] in mid-september, the daily output of crude steel of key steel enterprises was 2.26% higher than that of 2.1049 milyon ton

According to statistics of cisa, in mid-september 2019, the daily crude steel output of key steel enterprises was 2.1049 milyon ton, with a month-on-month increase of 46,500 ton, bir artış 2.26%.

— [steel mill inventory] steel stocks of key steel enterprises increased by 21.38% in mid-september from the previous month to 12,849,100 ton

According to statistics of cisa, in mid-september 2019, the steel inventory of key steel enterprises was 12.8491 milyon ton, with a month-on-month increase of 2.2629 milyon ton, yukarı 21.38%.